December, 2022: Junyoung, Tran, and Seongnoh attended the 2022 AGU annual meeting at Chicago, USA.

                                     Tran won a student travel grant.

May, 2022: Hwanwoo and Prof. Kim attended the 20th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ICSMGE) at Sydney, Australia.

April, 2022: Jisong, Yeeun, Hwanwoo, Eunbi, and Prof. Kim attended the 2022 SSA annual meeting at Bellevue, USA.

                           Eunbi won a student travel grant.

November, 2021: Dr. Youngkyu Cho, Tran, Hwanwoo, and Prof. Kim won paper awards at the KSCE conference.

October, 2021: Jaesung and Prof. Kim won paper awards at the KGS conference.

October, 2020: Hwanwoo and Hyejin won presentation awards at the KSCE conference.

April, 2020: Hwanwoo received a student travel grant for the SSA annual meeting.


February, 2020: Jaesung won a student award from the Korean Society of Civil Engineers (KSCE).

December, 2019: Dr. Young-Eun Jang took a researcher position at Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute.

October, 2019: Yumin Ji won a presentation award at the KSCE conference.

2019-10-18-KSCE-paper award

August, 2019: Prof. Heon-Joon Park took a faculty position (assistant professor) at Seoul National University of Science and Technology.

August, 2019: Mirae Kim earned a master’s degree.

June, 2019: Dr. Sinhang Kang and Prof. Kim attended the 7th International Conference of Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering at Rome, Italy.


April, 2019: Junyoung and Hyejin received student presentation awards from the SSA annual meeting.


April, 2019: Junyoung, Mirae, Hyejin, and Prof. Kim attended the SSA annual meeting at Seattle.


March, 2019: Dr. Jang received a young professional career award from the Korean Geotechnical Society.

July, 2018: GEERG appeared on the UBC documentary show.


February, 2018: Sungjin Bae received a superior student award  from Korean Society of Civil Engineers.

December, 2017: Prof. Kim had an interview with UBC on liquefaction and soft soils subject to earthquakes.


December, 2017: Sungjin Bae, Mirae Kim, Hyejin Lee received a paper award from Korean Society of Hazard Mitigation.


September, 2017: GEERG attended 19th  ICSMGE.